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Brad Sparks sousaphone Madison Scouts Grand Ave Ruckus brass band

Brad Sparks

// trombone


You'll find him in the back, rippin' them tuba licks. Born and raised in Runnells, IA. He also serves as Mr. Manager for the group.

Ben Poppen snare drum Grand Ave Ruckus brass band

Ben Poppen

// snare drum & perc.


Hailing from Ankeny, IA, Ben keeps everything rolling with his snare-drummy goodness.


Josh Waymire

// sousaphone


Ben McCartney trumpet Grand Ave Ruckus brass band

Ben McCartney

// trumpet


Known as Mr. McCartney to his students, this dude brings the biggest, ballsiest trumpet sound to the group.

Christian Hayden bass drum Grand Ave Ruckus brass band yellow glasses

Christian Hayden

// bass drum


Rockin' that big-ass drum, this soon-to-be Drake grad holds the world record for least pictured band member. 


Mike Kosiek

// saxophones


Hans Decker Grand Ave Ruckus trumpet

Hans Decker

// trumpet


Having moved here from the Twin Cities, our screamin' lead trumpet now calls Des Moines (and beer) home.

Dan Purscell trombone Grand Ave Ruckus brass band hawaiian shirt

Dan Purscell

// trombone


You want a great trombone solo? You've got a great trombone solo. This bad dude lays it down like nobody's business.


// trumpet


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