PA System Rental and Services

The System

1x--Soundcraft Ui24R 24-channel digital interface mixer with wireless control

6x--Shure GLX-D Advanced wireless mic systems w/ frequency manager

2x--Alto TS-315 2000W, 15" PA speakers

2x--Alto TS-312 2000W, 12" monitors


2x--Shure GLX/SM58 wireless handheld microphones

4x--Shure SM58 handheld microphones

6x--Shure Beta 98H wireless clip-on instrument mics

Full set of Drum Mics

1x--Shure Beta-52A kick drum microphone

4x--Shure SM57s for snare/toms

2x--Shure PGA81s for cymbals

*All cables, speaker stands, mic stands and mounts, ipod cords are included at no extra charge.

Other Gear

1x--Yamaha MG16XU 16-channel analog mixer

1x--Yamaha P-85 88-key digital piano

Music Stands




Customizable DJ and MC Services

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