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Earning the Name

As the summer months come to an early end for some our members who are educators, we have just one more chance for you all to catch us out on Court Ave on Monday night, August 7th. We don't have many performances planned for August so we plan on spending time together learning some new music. Our CD release is in the works, so stay tuned for details regarding that.

Iowa Stock Music Festival is coming up Labor Day Weekend, and we would love to share our long weekend with you all down in St. Charles, IA. We play the afternoon of September 3rd. You can get your tickets ahead of time here.

We played out on Grand Ave in the East Village down by Zombie Burger a few weeks ago for some fresh new faces in the audience and GOT OUR FIRST NOISE COMPLAINT! We were packing up our instruments around 9:30 when a DMPD officer rolled up and announced rather wryly "Well, I'm guessing you are the folks I need to talk to." (We think the sousaphone and bass drum may have been the give-aways) We then had a brief, amicable, and respectful interaction with the officer before going on our way. It couldn't have happened on a more appropriate street. We are now, very officially, a Grand Ave Ruckus in the eyes of the law.

Keep on dancing,

Ben Poppen

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