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The Cusp of Autumn

The State Fair to me has always signified the end of summer, and that came and went last month with a bang. The sights were spectacular. The sounds were incredible. The tastes were delicious along with the smells (well, except for in the animal barns). Most of the band started preparing to start school pretty soon after the campers packed up and left. Being waist-deep in marching band season makes it a little harder to seek out gigs, so this band full of band directors is taking this fall pretty chill. We're learning some new tunes in rehearsal, playing some fall weddings, and taking other gigs as they come our way. We spent a very hard-working spring and summer together, and this fall will be a good time to practice, tighten things down, and relax a bit too.

This extra time not hard at the grind has allowed me to sit back and appreciate what Grand Ave Ruckus is. We're a party band, and watching people get down to the music we're making just makes me ecstatic. Although each band member brings their own reasons for playing to the table, I know that I speak for all of us when I say that when you're out there listening, dancing, having a good time, we're feeling what you're feeling too.

That brings me to our next big piece of news. We had to say goodbye to one of our band members this month. Brian Martin had to leave us for bigger and better things. He's now settled in at University of Massachusetts Amherst and learning about how to be a master composer. Brian, if you're reading this, we're all wishing you well!

With Brian's departure, we auditioned some trombonists and sousaphonists (sousaphoners? sousaphonians? sousaphoniacs?) to see who could be America's Next Top member of the Ruckus. Okay, I'll stop. Anyway, we were fortunate to find such tuba-talent in Josh Waymire of West Des Moines, AND he agreed to join us hooligans! Josh and I have known each other since he moved back to Des Moines after college and we wound up working together at Valley High School. Let me tell you, you're going to be in for a treat when this guy takes the stage. Incidentally, I'll be moving to second trombone.

That about wraps things up for now. I received a delivery in the mail the other day of 7 boxes, so prepare yourselves...A CD release is coming soon! Keep an eye on our website and social media for the announcement. Until then, thanks for reading, and we'll catch you on the dance floor!

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