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Hey everyone,

So I'm trying to get back to blogging on here. Oddly enough, it's been exactly one year since our last post/email update. We've gotten quite a few new subscribers who haven't received anything but the introductory email. Thanks for signing up, and thanks for sticking around!

The main thing I wanted to talk about in this post is our show at Smash Park this coming Friday (We're playing 8-11PM. Bring the whole family.). When it comes to this show, there's this mysterious energy running through the band whose origin I can't really explain. I decided to cancel rehearsal this last Wednesday. A bunch of things came up for some of the band members, the weather was bad, and rehearsals for have been going well, so it seemed like a good idea to take the night off. When I was on the phone with Christian, he was like, "Dude, I don't know what it is, but I haven't felt this pumped for a show since our album release last January." And I told him how much that hit home for me too! I don't know what it is! Maybe it's because we've had a slow fall and winter. Maybe it's because it's a Mardi Gras party, and something about being in a brass band and playing on Mardi Gras just feels right.

Whatever is in this crazy cocktail of energy we're tasting right now, one of the flavors is definitely the venue. To be honest, I hadn't heard of Smash Park until we started planning this show. When I started looking them up though, it looked like quite the place. They just opened this last summer (which helped me feel better about not hearing about them yet). Telling you what they are is kind of difficult, so let's go back to that cancelled rehearsal: Josh, Hans, and I were already in town anyway, and I had been curious about what this place was, so we went to check Smash Park out. You know, feel it out before the gig. It. Is. HUGE!!!! There's a giant bar/restaurant/party area when you walk in the front doors. Then on either side of that separated by these big metal curtain looking things are two equally large areas with 3 pickle ball courts each. Upstairs (yes, there's one of those too.) is an adults-only bar area. And outside (closed right now because...snow) are more pickle ball courts, shuffle board (the big kind old people play on cruise ships), more bars, and more seating. There are ping-pong tables, board games, Foosball tables, corn hole (or "bags"?? I don't know which one to call it. Somebody gets mad either way) and a pro shop too. Let me tell you, on the spectrum of "Go big or go home," they most certainly chose the former. If you haven't been there, this Friday will be the perfect chance to check it out with us. They've got drink specials going on, special food for the holiday, and a masquerade contest.

I should remind you all also that whatever energy we bring to the table just grows enormously when there are a ton of people to share it with. We hope to see you out there! If you need directions, Here's the Google Map link.

Thanks for reading! It's good to be back.


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