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As the nights get brisker and the days get shorter, this time of year keeps the boys in the band quite busy... but not exactly with Ruckus related activities. A few of the fellas are breaking ground in new positions leading high school bands around central Iowa. I am not one of the band directors in the group, but my father is a band director and I grew up very aware of the hours that marching band season demands.

If you ask what these guys are doing with their "weekends" in October or November it probably involves wrangling the band at a football game Friday night, shepherding the band via bus to a marching band competition across the state, or taking some number of students to auditions. Of course all-the-while having early morning marching rehearsals out on the dew covered fields during the week.

I like to imagine they are infusing a little bit of the Ruckus into everything they show their students, helping to spread the love we all share for music with the budding youths of their communities. It takes a commitment that I feel few truly understand and I respect them all for it very much.

We're all still rehearsing weekly and tightening things up with our new sousaphone player. I imagine it might be bit of a challenge for him to step into a band with hours of material and start stuffing it into his brain, but he's been keeping up with literally everything we've thrown at him in rehearsals... all while somehow watching the Cubs games on his phone. A true talent.

We should have some exciting news soon so please do stay appraised of our various social medias as our future plans come into focus. We have a few things in the works that we can't wait to share. Till next time.

Keep on dancing,

Ben Poppen

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