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Taking it to the roof

A very busy June is in the bag, and as July arrives we are looking forward to all the music we get to make for you the next few months. We took care of a whole bunch of behind the scenes business this month for both our upcoming CD release (which we'll be announcing soon!) and the future of the band and we are better for it.

Early this month we will be celebrating the marriage of one of our fine trumpet players, Mr. Ben McCartney, to a very kind and beautiful woman. We wish him beyond the best in his union, and do hope he'll still come crack open a cold one with the boys on occasion.

On July 15, we are playing a rooftop show with some other fantastic local groups (Natalie Lowe and Charlemagne) at the Des Moines Social Club. Yes, that's right. Rooftop show. If you've never been to one at the Social Club in the summer, do join us. It's a really great atmosphere, and a whole lot of good music. Check our events page for more details about this show and other future happenings.

We'll continue hitting the streets every other Monday night, though we may stray from our usual spot on Court Ave. We'll let you know via our social media the where and when, but you can always just follow your ears. I've been told our sound carries almost across the river all the way from 4th & Court! Ruckus indeed!

Iowa Stock music festival is also on the horizon for early September, and we're very excited to be a part of it's inaugural year. You can help support us and make this the first of many years for this celebration of exclusively Iowan music by booking your tickets here.

Thank you,

Ben Poppen

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